My decision to major in fashion design was started to develop from childhood. I was interested in seeing people how and what they were wearing and also loved to dress my Bobbies with pieced of fabric. Didn’t know how to sew the fabric at that time, just tied the fabric with a code like a tunic worn by ancient Roman citizen.

After start working in this field, my dream has been more actualized. While I was working as a merchandiser, I used to work with the designers who are working for world–famous labels, pursuing unique and elaborate designs, I had opportunity to explore areas related to fashion design, especially how they develop their ideas, and how to process, even how they push peoples to get better and fast results.

Designing thing is not the field where I have worked, but I think someone like me who had worked for fashion industry for a long time, have potential ability with a reasonable taste in fashion. For example, World-famous designer, Vera Wang, became a designer after she got turned down from promotion for executive director of the fashion magazine. Now she led her businesses so successfully and expanded her businesses continuously.

Fashion always reflects contemporary arts and current social events , so it will be a pleasant work to me since I am interested in those issues. Hope I can have a opportunity to collaborate with the artist in other fields to diversify my range of work.

During Ma course, I think I may collaborate with students who are studying other subjects and it might be the first step of a big plan.

 Believe this challenge will be a great opportunity through my entire life and I am dreaming of creating a signature collection that will myself end up on the celebrated runways of world famous and representative collections such as New York, Paris, London, and Milan during fashion week.