Background :

Recession affects fashion and it seems that, in this economic downtown, women don’t spend on lipstick anymore.
In this whole philosophy of looking good for less, what’s the true situation of fashion industry, as one of their purposes, besides art and fashion statements, is to sell?

Kill heels, mini skirts and bright-colored lipsticks are all examples of extreme fashions. They are also popular fashion item during a recession. Shoes with heels more than 10cm highㅡso called kill heelsㅡare  this year’s hot item. How can the kill heel trend be explained? One psychologist said these eye-catching, fancy shoes help women escape the gloomy economy. How about the miniskirt?

Well, there’s an old sayingㅡ”The worse the economy gets, the shorter women’s skirts get.”

This actually makes sense. Women enjoy wearing these stylish skirts, and clothing makers spend less on fabric in the bad economy. Lipstick also sells well during recessions, and that makes sense too. Brilliantly-colored cosmetics like lipstick can boost anybody’s mood.

What’s more, they are fun to use and relatively inexpensive.

So, when the recession makes you feel blue, why not try some of these cool fashions?
At New York Fashion Week

, many participating designers chose to organize lower-cost presentations and set up systems where attendees stroll around models that stand still, thus avoiding expensive and pretentious runway shows.

While a runway show held at Fashion Week’s tents usually costs $100,000 to $250,000 or more, a show in a smaller location could actually cut the expenditure in half and a presentation in the designer’s display area could be the most cost-effective option of all.

Which designers tried to save some money? Well, we have Betsey Johnson, Reem Acra, Nary Manivong, Joanna Mastoianni, Generra, Luca Luca and Temperley.

While others try to keep under control costs, Marc Jacobs, one of most favorite designers

all over the world, turned his fashion show into e true competition, challenging all fashionistas to obtain an invitation at the designer’s show, which will shelter only 500 guests, compared to the usual 2,000 attendees.

The bleak economic outlook is forcing some of the city’s stalwart designers to re-think how they show their clothes.
So, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs are amongst the designers to understand and apply a critical social situation in their works.

Meanwhile, two great British designers, Betty Jackson and Paul Smith, from their own experiences, think that “In times like this you have to focus on what you do well and do it better and really try and not be too much affected by it”.

So, how about dressing as same as usual, for less?  

Hot items in Fashion:

Rider Jacket : despite of economical difficulty, costly leather rider jacket was sensationally popular. It’s because this item can be matched to various item such as dress, jeans and leggings. People couldn’t afford to buy many items, but it just deserves to buy for cross-match. 


Leggings : due to economy recession, customer’s buying is pretty shrunken, but people needed to give some changes to their fashion, so leggings was the answer. Cheaper than pants, but it still gives a lot of impression with various prints. 

The popularity of leggings was basically extension of the popularity of skinny pants in silhouette.


Balenciaga metallic leggings


Channel Metallic leggings

Jumpsuit : i Jumpsuits have often been used as stage costumes in stage productions and by various singers and bands: Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, The Who, Freddie Mercury, Feeder, Alphaville, Goldfrapp, Britney Spears, Pink, Devo, Polysics, Spice Girls, Korn and Slipknot, for example, have all performed in flamboyantly-designed jumpsuit-like garments. Catsuits, or skin-tight jumpsuits of shiny fabric, have also been popular on stage.

Though this trend tends to skew a bit younger, there are plenty of options for a variety of personality types and social situations. These cool utilitarian one-pieces have been produced by everyone from Givenchy to J.Crew, Stella McCartney to Cynthia Rowley.


 Kill heel : Nothing makes you feel as instantly sexy like a pair of great heels. 

A long with the fad of skinny pants and leggings, Kill heel became a popular item. Even though there were some reports of bad injuries on their wearing, but women still love Kill heels which can make them taller and skinnier.


Mulleavy sisters LED Heels 

Oversized accessories : Nowadays a plain outfit is a real no-no option to look stunning and chic. Instead it’s time to learn more about the oversized accessories trend 2010 that puts these fashion pieces into the center and provides us with the privilege to embed more and more of them into both our formal as well as casual outfits.



What others were in fashion? Flat shoes, Power shoulder, Bohemian prints. Sheer jersey, Cardigan. Metallic Fabric, Lace


As Panton nominated 10 colors early for the 2010 s/s season,


Whilst at first glance the palette looks vast it seems to play on quite a similar set of hues, featuring mostly light & bright summery colours which try to capture a younger and a more up beat tone then the much more demure colours. Also predicted was a re-occurrence of the romantic trend and inspirations taken from the Pop Art of the sixties and seventies.

Many designer used Neural colours with some other ingredients like pastel colours, black , metallic for their collection during the fashion week.

Designer’s websites : PRADA, BALENCIGA, LANVIN, LOUIS VUITTON, and etc.

Fashion week official sites : NY, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS.