I attended the presentations which held in Barbican centre on 11th of NOV.

3 speakers each gave their presentations under the same theme of future fashion fabrication.

one of them introduced 3D work,, how she created some moving images with 3D and showed us how it worked.

In the future , maybe we can create a fashion show using 3D technology in a virtual reality. It will be a provoking idea for a young designers who are really difficult to raise fund to make a fashion show. However, as of now, it will be costly , maybe more than preparing a fashion show.

Other presentation what I was interested is growing ALGAE in the water and it become a sheet of fabric. Actually this was pretty realistic method among three speaker. I do not know they’ve been through any test whether it is safe for skin or not. However, I strongly agree with this idea.

Synthetic fabric is made of oil and the reserves will run dry soon in any years. We need to develop some fabric is made of other material that is eco-friendly and something is sustainable to get for centuries.