Engineering Print for Garments means

A certain Motif should be place in a certain part of garment.

                                                        Engineered Fabric design.

[A dress with a placement]                                                   [Factory marker]

This cannot help inefficiency on fabric usage.  From the planning stage , designers should collaborate with graphic to reduce wastage of fabric consumption.

Why desingers want engineering print for a GARMENT?

                                                    [Alexander Macqueen 2010]

This technique gives an identity to designers , who they are , where their inspiration comes from, for their signature line. 

What is the proper process to make a efficient garment ?

*  Need garment patterns so that graphic can have an idea of a scale.

*  Give an exact idea to pattern maker of motives placement with actual grahic size.

Compare this with all over print !

Allover print : means pattern panels can be place everywhere with great efficiency of fabric.


[an allover print dress]