When we go to the universe in the future, what will happen?

Even if scientist develop epoch-making equipments that enable people teleport down to other planet, it will still be a long journey.

Where we can get materials to make a garment?  Luckily, if we can find a planet that has similar atmosphere of the earth. it’s possible to set up the facilities just like what we have on the earth.

Still looks very far to achieve.  Should we pack hundreds of thousands of garment for space travel?

Under the assumption that scientist develop  some  kind of substances  make bubbles not easy to pop and quite sustainable in the air by touching surroundings. also it should in various colours.

What is good things about bubble?

* It’s gone quickly when we have a shower, so we don’t need to worry about how to deal with vast amount of rubbish.

* applicable for every designs.

* not much materials need to build a garment.

Here is my BUBBLER project.

It is a kind of machine fit people i a beautiful bubble clothes.

Are you imagine this? no way,, then every body will be a Lady Gaga on a stage.

How to meet ” Bubbler”?

Find the nearest bubbler , then choose and purchase your favourite designs.

Then, go to Bubbler booth.

There are nozzles installed in a booth and it send out bubbles and place onto your body as programmed.

What yourself will be ?

Ready to go to a party in space????  : )

This is tangible project at this stage, though, it is worthy to think about for the future, since the amount of resources are running out of its reserves.

It is the time to think about future fabrication something is sustainable to be supplied in the future.