This morning, I had telephone interview with a technician who is working at a printing factory and asked him several questions as below.

Yeonsook : What kind of fabrics are the most likely to get vivid effect like a photo ?

Sean Park : Basically , silk is the best material for digital printing.

Among various type of weaves , satin gets the most vivid effect,

because the surface of the fabric is even.  It is filament textile.

When a cartridge of printer

is passing on the surface of fabric, it spray dyeing stuffs onto the fabric

directly, so if the surface is even, it gets dyeing stuffs evenly.

Yeonsook : How about other silk fabrics?

Sean Park : Habotai and Geogette are not that bad.

If you don’t like shiny surface, you can use twill

since it reflects less light, it gets softer effect on reflection.

Yeonsook : Can any jersey fabric get same effects or better effects?

Sean Park : Well~ in case of Rayon and Cotton, dyeing stuff,

what the industry use for those fabrics, is  reactive dyes colour

It means colours cannot come up brightly.

So it’s difficult to expect any vivid effects.

In case of, Polyester, the industry uses a different type of dyeing stuff,                             which is disperse dye, So, Polyester fabric cannot be used for

digital printing.

instead, we can use  reproductive dyeing method.

Yeonsook : Can you get me some reference cuttings?

That will be very helpful to choose fabrics for my final projects.

Sean Park : Will see what I can do.

Yeonsook : Last question, what  your delivery is going to be?

Sean Park : We need 15 days after getting graphics.

Yeonsook : Thank you for having time with me today.

Will contact you if I come up with other questions

before handing in graphics

just figured out what range of fabrics I need to research and how much time I should assume to get this done.

Sean Park, Samwoo Printing Co., Ltd, Korea