Exhibition V&A 2011

Fabric , he said.’is everything and talks to his pattern makers to wait and listen to the fabric’.

In this exhibition, don’t know what he wanted to say, it might be fabric, but  to me , he was so same like alway,, woolen felt, woven padding, silk dress, touch cotton.

If there is something , he made me think he is a genius, is his understanding of garments. Yohji understands the structure of garment very well. He just adjust every elements freely , sometimes deconstruct, reconstruct, enlarge some of details and place in different place where it was unlikely to be placed.

It makes very special images.  Also, he sometimes make inside out and backside front. It seemed like he like refusing conventional way and that make people believe him pretty special. In addition to this, I could see he adopted Japanese conventional clothes. For example silhouettes for mens coat were adopted  from Samurai’s cloth and some of parts like collars and OBI were adopted from a traditional dress which is called “Kimono”.  Think these oriental elements brought fresh impact to modern fashion, especially to whom has never been to Asia.

He says in a video when he designs womenswear he imagines a woman is wearing in menswear. I think that is why his design is outstanding and unconventional because his ideas are from quite different place. I imagined a woman crashed at boyfriend’s place and waked up in the morning in his white shirt with a little bit bush hair.  That is my version of natural sexy woman. Is there any possibility he thought the same thing?

His structural garments reminds me Japanese Samurai costume. That exaggerate their body to look bigger to their enemy and make them powerful. Old Japanese, they were pretty small.

One more interesting thing was in the video , he called himself as a risk-taker. He just cut clothes to find some interesting shape by the way of cutting,  He might get interesting details or he could just lose a cloth, but he didn’t hesitate. That was the point I almost forgot that this could be an elements of fashion design.

There are main colours he always choose, pretty essential for him, I guess.

Black/ Red/ Floral patterns on silk fabric.. and FELT was quite often used for his exclusive brand “Comme des Garcons”, guess that is the fabric help him to build a structural garments.

This was my second time to visit his exhibition and think it was another chance to understand him more.  Hopefully, this encouraged me to think further for my final project.